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There is a story through every lens.
On your magical day, let us tell yours.

So what is storytelling and what does it have to do with your videographer? Storytelling revolves around the idea that there’s more to you than being a bride or a groom, the idea that you’re special, different, quirky, and your wedding film should capture that. We think of a wedding day like this: two people get to play dress up for the day, one plays the bride and while the other plays the groom. But we know there’s more to you than that, and that’s what we strive to capture in our films. When we say the word “storytelling,” we mean capturing your personalities, and the things that make you different from all of the other couples out there. We think you deserve a film that’s just as unique to you as the guests at your wedding. If you see things that way too, we’d love to chat more with you. More works and reviews featured on our Facebook page and Blog.
We specialize in wedding films. Whether your ceremony is Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish we have the experience to create an amazing film that you will watch over and over again! We work closely with the bride and other vendors, it's a team effort that helps add to a great day. We offer a personable and talented service that includes a highlight film that you can share with your Facebook friends, a long version of the day that shows you everything you didn't see and unfold. The global community moves quickly and so do we offering quick turnaround on all our you'll have your long version ready inside of 10 days! We also offer filming of your Love Story, Video/Photo Booths, Bridal Prep filming, rehearsal dinner, engagement video and LIVE STREAM of your ceremony. Sound good so far? Give us a call and lets start working on your Wedding film.

Alzuro Video Production offers a variety of services to capture your wedding day and transform it into a timeless film. We know that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the culmination of months of planning. With Alzuro Video Production, you can preserve the magic of your special day, even after it is over.