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Weddings and The Slow Mo Kiosks are the perfect couple to be together. Having this at your wedding adds another element that no one will forget. (Even if they try to.) Each video is recorded in full high-def 1080p at 60 frames per second to give you a truly slow motion experience.

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Full Service
For Every Event

All of our Kiosks come a skilled attendant to run the event. One that is running the equipment, and one that is instructing and coaching guests on how to make something awesome.

The Final Video
Lasting Memories

All our videos are delivered online for easy sharing with your guests, friends, family, coworkers and more to check out the awesomeness of your event.

The Possibilities
Are Endless

Unlike a traditional booth, the Slow Mo Kiosk is FUN. Pack up to 14 people into a single shot which makes it the most fun, most interactive, and most memorable experience of any wedding EVER!