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HD & 4k Cameras With Professional Audio

I use a Sony and Canon DLSR cameras and strategically placed cameras to ensure full coverage of your special day. He's been called 'omnipresent and inconspicuous’ recently by one of his clients. The best way to capture your family and friends naturally is by not being noticed. So his goal is to provide you with the best service without being obtrusive.

Customized Packages

All of the popular packages come with all the coverage that allow us to make the wonderful films our brides luv, luv, luv! Have a budget or a special request? A certain shot in mind? Want to get creative or even a little crazy? Ivan's enthusiasm will see to it!


Ivan understands that the sheer amount of time, money, energy, and emotion that goes into planning a wedding can be monumental, but the memories it produces are truly immeasurable.

Because of that, each part of the process is intentionally selected for a reason that brings the heart behind your special day to life. In a world where nothing is perfect, I like to think the right equipment, the right editing tools, and the right touch can produce a film that’s pretty darn close to it. Behind every piece of equipment I use, there’s a purpose. It all comes together to form the sum of the parts, just as each little detail of your big day is special in its own unique way.

Customer Satisfaction

Our skill is in crafting a film that will forever represent the culmination of your relationship leading up to that day, and simultaneously, the celebration of beginning something far greater. It's your big day! So your wedding video should reflect that awesomeness! While our work speaks for itself our clients will speak for us too. We aim for 100% satisfaction because we know we can provide a unique wedding film that matches your needs.

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10855 West Broad St. Glen Allen, VA 23060